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By thecockneybard, Jan 6 2021 01:09PM

Read the amazing true life story of 'the Cockney Bard' Gary Allen. In Search of the Swan contains extraordinary happenings and events. A truly magical journey challenging the highest of minds in discovering the incredible abilities he possess. AVAILABLE NOW FROM AMAZON AND ALL GOOD BOOK STORES.

By thecockneybard, Nov 30 2020 10:54AM


Francis Bacon in his will said he wanted to be 'buried obscurely' so is he really buried in St Albans or just perhaps here in St Gregorys, Norwich? Burial place of another Francis Bacon of Norwich. Here is something we discovered sometime back whilst visiting the Church. The eulogy can only be for the great philosopher and it is this which makes us believe he is and what a great discovery that will be. We could be completely wrong but on the other hand!

In part it reads: a touchstone, a Solomon here on earth impartial (if anyone is) like the judge in heaven. At last he is at rest and lies here although he but lies in wait impervious to sand and decay who scolded the world with oratorical attacks and the select few abandoned this good discoverer for the multiple unholy gods justice unsaid on earth.

The following is taken from a website we found:

The wall monument pays eulogy in Latin to St Francis which basically says he was a worthy judge who deserves to be mourned .There are also references to his refusal to abandon his allegiance to the crown and his subsequent return to Norwich. All of these facets are illustrated by references to biblical and mythological figures:

Niobe : A mortal woman in Greek mythology whose fourteen children were killed by the Gods and whom is often a symbol of mourning Solomon : Solomon was the builder of the "First Temple of the Lord" in Jerusalem.In the bible he is described as being great in wisdom, wealth, and power. Astraea : In Greek mythology Astraea ("star-maiden") was a daughter of Zeus and Themis. She and her mother were both personifications of justice. As mankind became wicked, she was the last of the immortals to stay on earth, ascending to heaven to become the constellation Virgo. The scales of justice she carried became the nearby constellation Libra.

The final paragraph makes reference to another Francis Bacon and to St Albans. This is believed to be a reference to Francis Bacon, Viscount St Alban (1561–1626), lord chancellor, politician, and philosopher

The translation reads :

"Who comes here, may I ask, who seeks Niobe who has been turned to stone and whose tears dry up the sea? No one can run away from such tears unless they are part of the sea. Be not silent men of stony speech. Equality is indeed just when making laws. He came here burdened, wasted and weighed down. You do not know the unknown. He heard like the Etruscan soldier not wanting to bend to the law for whom is this hymn-like monument of law a mediator, a judge, a reference point, a touchstone, a Solomon here on earth impartial (if anyone is) like the judge in heaven.

At last he is at rest and lies here although he but lies in wait impervious to sand and decay who scolded the world with oratorical attacks and the select few abandoned this good discoverer for the multiple unholy gods justice unsaid on earth. The justice of the angry heavens left the earth to flee to the stars, following Astraea restored at home with holiness, the newest light of legal business. Rather when the name of great St Albans is spoken and in blood and in name on both sides, he hears worthy Francis Bacon."

By thecockneybard, Nov 9 2020 09:31AM

Praying for this day to end as death surrounds me.

As scared as any man, yet I no more than a child.

Suffering each friend’s demise as in horror I reel.

Sacrificing my sanity and all I once knew, little as that was.

Cold bodies, charred bodies, faceless bodies abound.

Hearing the screams of fallen mates and those I know not.

Every sound I hear magnified in hell’s tortured mind.

Nearing death oneself as shells descend. Good God!

Dreams optimism, youth’s filled hope, banished to nothing!

As pity rolls down my face in misshaped tears, pray for me won’t you.

Every Soldier dreams a victorious end. If only!

Layed in mud, sacrificial lambs, butchered and slain.

Etched in some memory in years to come, me and my fallen chums!

By thecockneybard, Nov 2 2020 03:32PM

All perfectly normal to me. There are those who hear voices and it is claimed as madness by those who don't really know, but think they do. Yes, they really are there. Can those voices drive people to kill? For sure! Luckily mine give me the future, give me profound insight, wonderful philosophy, poetry and muse. The Cockney Bard is far from being mad! Being able to separate the wheat from the chaff and being able to control those voices is incredibly tough, but that is the third great step of spiritual enlightenment or Hamsa the Swan

By thecockneybard, Oct 7 2020 01:03PM

Sheila with whom I am pictured with my young son in 2002 lived on the 16th floor, flat 132 at Grenfell Tower. She was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. She perished on one awful night on 14th June 2017. Believe it or not I predicted she would die by fire more than 16 years before it actually happened. How could I know such things? Sometimes the sixth sense is the most beautiful thing and sometimes it is a terrible curse.

Sheila had no second name. She was a prolific writer, had a passion for yoga and loved the Isle of Ischia. We would sit for hours sometimes, drinking coffee and talk about many things of which we shared a great interest. Shortly after her death I wrote ‘a fleeting moment’ and reminisced those happier times. We shared some truly special days and for that I thank her.

Picture 1 Starbucks, Holland Park and the empty seats. A place we would often sit. Picture 2 Sheila with me in Norwich with my beautiful son in 2002


I sit staring at a photograph of Starbucks in Holland Park.

A place we would often frequent.

I see Sheila and myself sitting on the chairs outside, coffee in hand, talking Politics, Shakespeare, the Knights Templar.

I look again and we are gone.

By thecockneybard, Oct 6 2020 12:39PM

When people showed me envy, I showed them beauty. When people ridiculed me, I showed them truth. When I showed them truth, they showed me anger. When they showed me anger, I saw a great weakness in them.

By thecockneybard, Oct 6 2020 12:29PM

"Not much call for a Philosopher these days! " "Ah, but I am so much more than a Philosopher and besides Philosophy is for people who think and if you can think, then a Philosopher will always have a considerable place in society."