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A fleeting moment

By thecockneybard, Oct 7 2020 01:03PM

Sheila with whom I am pictured with my young son in 2002 lived on the 16th floor, flat 132 at Grenfell Tower. She was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. She perished on one awful night on 14th June 2017. Believe it or not I predicted she would die by fire more than 16 years before it actually happened. How could I know such things? Sometimes the sixth sense is the most beautiful thing and sometimes it is a terrible curse.

Sheila had no second name. She was a prolific writer, had a passion for yoga and loved the Isle of Ischia. We would sit for hours sometimes, drinking coffee and talk about many things of which we shared a great interest. Shortly after her death I wrote ‘a fleeting moment’ and reminisced those happier times. We shared some truly special days and for that I thank her.

Picture 1 Starbucks, Holland Park and the empty seats. A place we would often sit. Picture 2 Sheila with me in Norwich with my beautiful son in 2002


I sit staring at a photograph of Starbucks in Holland Park.

A place we would often frequent.

I see Sheila and myself sitting on the chairs outside, coffee in hand, talking Politics, Shakespeare, the Knights Templar.

I look again and we are gone.

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