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Pillow of tears – Mourning a Mother – The Cockney Bard

By thecockneybard, Oct 4 2020 03:18PM

Lay your sweet head down dear mother of mine.

Wipe your tears for the children you have left behind. Cuddle me in my dreams of night, hold me like a babe in arms. Love, what else is there when life’s sweet breath alas is no more, the goodbyes have ceased, and the memory of time passing by like a clock whose hands are still. I long to tell you now how beautiful you are. I scream so loud but to a silence where I can hear the roses cry. When life ends we succumb to pain of which only a child for its mother weeps and mourns. Loss the unbearable loss. Forgive me for my ills in troubled times. For giving me life’s first breath. I could never forget you, how could I? How could anyone who knew you? The pillow of tears is my one reminder of my great loss and heavens gain. I will see you when time for me stands still, I know I will.

I say goodbye for one last time. One last dance among the flowers of spring.

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