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By thecockneybard, Oct 6 2020 09:46AM

The skies so clear and blue, the brook it winds along the dale. The subtle breeze blows gently and passion fills my heart, but I am given my first lesson of sweet and tender love. How the skies seem far away as I lay and gaze aghast. My fair lady I dream like you of the days to come for us. Frightened rabbits scurry as movement comes from afar, but peace and calm do return as I hold you in my arms. Leave me never my fair maiden, for I do love you so. I am to lay my head right down, and drift into a flow of thoughts and images stretching my mind, how joyous my life is just at this time.

By thecockneybard, Oct 6 2020 09:21AM

Did ever more beauty speak words than eyes touched by heavenly spheres, where beauties eyes did gaze their most important deeds. Were ever more beauty to descend from creative imagery, where pictures of mind do cast a visionary sight, enfolding dreams of night. Stars and moon, sun and air do share your beauty. And if perchance thy vision end, thy mind forever its beauty send.

By thecockneybard, Oct 4 2020 03:18PM

Lay your sweet head down dear mother of mine.

Wipe your tears for the children you have left behind. Cuddle me in my dreams of night, hold me like a babe in arms. Love, what else is there when life’s sweet breath alas is no more, the goodbyes have ceased, and the memory of time passing by like a clock whose hands are still. I long to tell you now how beautiful you are. I scream so loud but to a silence where I can hear the roses cry. When life ends we succumb to pain of which only a child for its mother weeps and mourns. Loss the unbearable loss. Forgive me for my ills in troubled times. For giving me life’s first breath. I could never forget you, how could I? How could anyone who knew you? The pillow of tears is my one reminder of my great loss and heavens gain. I will see you when time for me stands still, I know I will.

I say goodbye for one last time. One last dance among the flowers of spring.

By thecockneybard, Oct 4 2020 03:01PM

Oh the human being, that complex character. Unfathomable, unpredictable human being. Who in their head goes, where no one knows. Silly, emotional, brave at times, utterly stupid at times human being. who toils, sometimes in deceit, to achieve their day. I often wonder on observing this rather strange character, if I am alone in understanding the immense diversity of substance from one to the other. From the utterly sublime to the ridiculous. I am left to wonder if life and nature has less surprises than mankind. I know you human being, I truly do. No, in fact human being, I don’t know you at all!

By thecockneybard, Oct 4 2020 02:55PM

I am not religious - Are you an atheist? No, I believe in God - But you said you are not religious? I am not. My God is nature. It is in all and in everything and God is as good a name as any to describe a sublime intelligence. Something we cannot possibly understand, but can only be in awe of!

By thecockneybard, Oct 4 2020 02:49PM

Beauty never fades, nor does the sun extinguish its fire. For what is beauty? If you say I know, you'd be a liar. Beauty to one is not to another. To a mirror it is all things and nothing. Beauty is a perfection, unblemished and undefined. It is a pleasure unrestrained to the eye. To one beauty can be a rose in full bloom and to another the seed in the palm of his hand. In the darkness beauty is but a moment in the mind, and in the light, it is a perception of one's own judgement. Beauty you are an illusion, a deception, a fool's gold. All things to all men. In revealing her I too am condemned to the fickle folly of describing beauty!

By thecockneybard, Oct 4 2020 02:42PM

The world is full of mind numbing depravity to acts of great love. Mankind reaches from the beautiful to the most abhorrent. In the making of a human being from a child of innocence to an adult of love or hate, we are to define humanity as neither a substance of love nor hate, but a voluminous mixture of both.

By thecockneybard, Oct 2 2020 09:08AM

Give me rational and reasoned argument and I will listen. I will give you rational and reasoned argument but will you listen? I will question you, will you answer me? You will question me, I will answer you. Does that make me better than you? Or you better than me? Is your truth more worthy than mine? My answer is all truth is worthy. We as human beings just need to know when it is found!

By thecockneybard, Oct 2 2020 08:59AM

Praying for this day to end as death surrounds me.

As scared as any man, yet I no more than a child.

Suffering each friend’s demise as in horror I reel.

Sacrificing my sanity and all I once knew, little as that was.

Cold bodies, charred bodies, faceless bodies abound.

Hearing the screams of fallen mates and those I know not.

Every sound I hear magnified in hell’s tortured mind.

Nearing death oneself as shells descend. Good God!

Dreams, optimism, youth’s filled hope, banished to nothing! As pity rolls down my face in misshaped tears, pray for me won’t you. Every Soldier dreams a victorious end. If only! Layed in mud, sacrificial lambs, butchered and slain. Etched in some memory in years to come, me and my fallen chums!

By thecockneybard, Oct 1 2020 11:16AM

I was taught, I gave others my teaching, I questioned not. They questioned not. They believed, I believed, that my teaching was just and true. Suddenly the world was full of people who questioned not. In a world of those that questioned not, the teaching became a truth and from that truth spawned the many of misunderstood. The misunderstood were those who never questioned if, what and why?